Middle School (Grades 7 & 8)

Positive Learning Environment & Relational Culture

Our culture in our middle school grade levels helps students learn how to manage more academic rigor, balance extracurricular activities, navigate friendships, and ask big questions on their faith journey. The middle school staff and faculty are dedicated to teaching, mentoring, and training our students to lead and serve as they grow in their faith in Christ & deepen their knowledge of the Bible. Our campus fosters an environment where students feel safe and understand the importance of respecting their peers and their teachers.

Academic Structure

Middle school follows a period-based, departmentalized structure with teachers licensed for their specific subject area. ECS offers a Christ-centered, rigorous curriculum aligned with Indiana College and Career-Ready Standards; a safe, nurturing environment to help students develop positive peer relationships; and media and technology tools that are extensive and prepare them with essential skills.

Maximum class size is 22 students, and students participate in project-based learning individually and in teams. ECS focuses on character development and guides students as they sharpen their organizational, study, and presentations skills needed to be successful. Our goal is to partner with parents and give students the opportunities to heighten their level of accountability, responsibility, and leadership skills. 

Based on academic performance, 7th grade students have the option to take Math 7 or Math 7 Honors. 8th grade students have the opportunity to take Math 8 or Algebra I Honors for high school credit. All students have an enrichment period every day to be utilized for working on homework, studying, and meeting weekly goals for their academic classes.

Middle school students have the choice to take instrumental band, and every student has a rotation of specials classes each quarter – Engineering/Technology, Music Appreciation, Spanish, and Art. All students also take a semester of Physical Education and a semester of Health.

Middle School Course Descriptions

Student Experiences

Students have numerous opportunities in a wide variety extracurricular activities, clubs, fine arts, and athletics as they discover and develop their gifts and talents. In fact, over 85% of our middle school students participate in at least one school-based extra-curricular activity! Other highlights of middle school include participating in student leadership groups such as Announcement Team, Photography Club, Celebrations Team, and many more for students to learn the value of working together with their peers, service, and investing in others.

Our Middle School Campus participates in an engaging Chapel service each month with praise and worship led by students who serve on the Worship Team of singers and musicians as well as a student Tech Team.

Homeroom competitions and spirit weeks are held quarterly to give students an opportunity for team-building with their classmates. Students look forward to the week filled with theme dress-up days as well as fun group games and activities.

The Indiana Department of Education evaluates key characteristics essential to preparing Indiana’s students for their futures. Data for Evansville Christian students in grades 7 & 8 can be viewed below.