Meet Our Team

Evansville Christian School is governed by an independent board of directors, including parents, pastors, alumni, and community leaders.  The board is responsible for the overall direction of the school and makes policy decisions.

Day-to-day operations are the responsibility of the Superintendent and administrative leadership team.  We are blessed with a faculty and staff of 120+ Christian men and women who choose to serve the Lord at Evansville Christian School.  All teachers are licensed by the State of Indiana and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Our administrative leadership team includes:

  • Mike Allen, Superintendent
  • Andy Hanson, Chief Financial and Operations Officer
  • Brandon Kline, Middle School Principal
  • Brooke West, High School Principal
  • Cassy Gobin, Director of Technology and Math Coach
  • Krista Decker, Director of Admissions
  • Mark Wickersham, Director of Spiritual Formation
  • Marlene James, ELA Coach and Corporation Test Coordinator
  • Nerissa Foor, Business Manager (Parent Accounts)
  • Sara Calverley, Communications Director
  • Susie Masterson, Preschool & Elementary Principal
  • Tyra Harnishfeger, Preschool & Elementary Assistant Principal

The Board of Directors operates under the school’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Board works in cooperation with the Superintendent in providing oversight, direction, and accountability for the larger mission-driven issues facing our school.

Our Board of Directors includes:

  • David Abbott, President
  • Scott Schroeder, Vice President
  • Bob Myer, Secretary
  • John Alvey, Treasurer
  • Mike Allen (ex-officio, non-voting member)
  • Danny Barr
  • Gretchen Easterday
  • Paul Linge
  • Gretchen Muchnick
  • Andy Peter
  • Brock Ryan
  • Stacy Sloan
  • Dana Smith
  • Derrick Stewart
  • Phil Stiver
  • Stephen Schwambach (ex-officio, voting member)
  • Jackson VanDyke