ECS Stories

Moriah Dunham, ECHS Senior

For anyone considering ECS, it’s amazing. It’s a community that lifts each other up. It’s so special to have teachers who have a foundation in Christ who are helping us grow in our faith.

Derek Head, ECS Parent

Any parent considering ECS should understand that you are going to be able to have communication with your student’s teachers and an open door to what’s going on. Most importantly, no matter what the subject is, your child is going to learn how that ties back to who God is, and that is, for us, the most valuable part of ECS.

Brayden Lovell, ECHS Senior

I have a unique perspective because I attended another school previously to ECHS. The teachers at ECHS are phenomenal and genuinely care about the students. They go above and beyond helping you academically and in life. It has made me want to try harder academically, and I look forward to every day.