Student Life

We believe that every child has been gifted with unique talents which should be nurtured by engaging school activities and leadership opportunities. At Evansville Christian, students are able to explore and develop their God-given abilities in the classroom and beyond. They develop authentic friendships through shared hobbies, receive mentoring from caring advisors, coaches, and staff, and often discover new interests that turn into lifelong passions. It’s an intentionally designed learning and living experience that reminds each student that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves. 

Faith & Service

In addition to teaching all subjects from a Biblical perspective, we provide tangible opportunities for students to mature in their faith and use their skills to serve God. From engaging Chapel services to special projects to class trips, there is no shortage of opportunities to be inspired. Read more about discipleship at ECS.

Clubs & Activities

Whether your child is into music, art, sports, science, or even photography, he or she will find an interest-based club to join at ECS.  These clubs provide opportunities for students to build community and develop their skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Music & Drama

Our musical and drama productions are much anticipated throughout the academic year. Students enjoy performing, working behind the scenes, and being in the audience watching their peers perform. While shows range in style, they have a common theme of glorifying God. Read more about our commitment to fine arts.


We offer more than 40 sports teams across grades 1-12. Our robust program provides an opportunity for all students to experience the joys of staying active, being part of a team, and displaying Christ-like sportsmanship. Athletic events foster a strong sense of community among our students and families. Learn more about ECS athletics.

School Events

School spirit is fostered through events like pep assemblies, themed spirit weeks, school dances, class trips, and more!

See it in Action

Want to see what student life looks like at ECS? We encourage you to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and watch some of our videos, or request more information now. We look forward to hearing from you.