A Legacy of Christian Discipleship

Every graduate of Evansville Christian is a part of our alumni family.  Whether your time here was during elementary or middle school, or if you’re one of our recent high school graduates, you are a proud Evansville Christian alum! As part of the Evansville Christian family, we encourage you to come back to campus and see how much we’ve grown, including our high school and elementary campuses. Go Eagles!

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Alumni Stories

This school was everything to me. I always loved the teachers and the friends I made along the way. And the fact that I was raised by a faith-bound community helped tremendously. 2022 ECHS Graduate

Every Evansville Christian alum is a success story! We’re excited to share individual stories and all the ways God is working through the lives and experiences of our alumni.

Paige Fuller

2nd Grade-8th Grade

I immediately felt the effects of having a Christian education once I attended high school. The Bible verses I memorized at ECS, the discussions we had during Bible class, the intentional and loving teachers who helped lead me toward Christ – all of those elements helped me feel secure in my faith and confident to walk through the halls of my high school with a strong identity and purpose in Christ. ECS influenced me to become a teacher and a coach. I knew I wanted to couple my passion for basketball and my relationship with Jesus together, to minister to my students and players. My heart’s desire for many years was to come back to teach at ECS. God has blessed me immeasurably, by allowing me to be so involved in ECS’ athletics and I’m grateful to watch ECS continue to grow and fulfill God’s purpose.

Sarah Hubert

Kindergarten-7th Grade

I am very grateful for Evansville Christian School! I firmly believe it to be a powerful part of what helped shape me into the follower of Christ that I am today. My parents chose to invest in Christian education to help build a strong biblical foundation in my life, and I affirm the value of ECS by choosing to send my children there as well. Still to this day, I am able to recall verses and songs I learned at ECS that instilled God’s word deep in my heart. As an adult, I have been able to witness the beauty of the ECS family and its impact on my children. There is nothing else like it in our community!

Jeremy Brown

Preschool-7th grade

As I’ve grown and matured, and come to know and follow Christ seriously, I’ve become very grateful and fond of ECS. The Holy Spirit used ECS to lay the foundation of bedrock biblical truths to ultimately prepare my heart to receive the Gospel at Young Life going into high school. I knew about Jesus because of ECS. I began to know and walk with Jesus zealously entering high school because of the way the Spirit had revealed Himself to me through YL experiences. But ECS was where the seeds were planted and the soil was tilled. I am thankful for my years at ECS. I definitely wish I could have experienced high school education there.

Alex Goodson

Kindergarten-8th grade

I really cherish the years I spent at ECS as some of my longest friendships were created at the school. The dedication of the teachers is unbeatable and everyone became one big family. Having Christ at the center of education is vital and now looking at the education process as a parent, the curriculum and safety that was provided by the school was phenomenal.

Alumni Updates

How has Christian Education Impacted Your Life?

Starting in the spring of 2022, ECS is collaborating on a project to answer the question, “What long-term impact does a high-quality ECS Christian Education have on students’ spiritual vitality, active faith, and worldview post K-12?” We would love for our alumni to participate in this project by completing a survey. If you’re interested, please contact our Communications Director, Sara Calverley, by clicking the button below.

Volunteer at Evansville Christian

Are you passionate about music and the arts? Do you love sports and how athletics can positively impact a child’s character development? If you’re a local alum, we’d love to have you volunteer here at the school. If you’re interested in making a difference through ECS, please contact our Communications Director, Sara Calverley, by clicking the button below.

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Distinctively Christian

From preschool to high school, students develop a Biblical worldview through studying God’s word, actively serving others, and experiencing Christian community.


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We serve 1,070+ students in Preschool – 12th grade. We are the only interdenominational, Christian school in the Evansville region that is accredited by the State of Indiana and the Association of Christian Schools International.

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From our youngest creators to our high school artists and musicians, students are tapping into their creativity daily through art, choir, musicals, printmaking, worship team, and more.


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Go Eagles! Students in grades 1-12 can choose from 12 sports and 45+ teams! Our teams compete throughout Southern Indiana, and we are a member of the IHSAA at the high school level.

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