Why YOU Should Join A Small Group

Written by Mark Wickersham, ECS Director of Spiritual Formation

When we moved back to Indiana after serving in Tianjin, China for over a decade, Megan and I had much to learn about the American church. We desired to connect with others and build Christlike friendships. It was easier for me because I started working at Evansville Christian School immediately. For Megan, it was a little more challenging because she started a part-time teaching position nearly half a year later. We learned that if we wanted to build relationships, it would require more than just worshiping on Sunday mornings. Things changed for us when we joined a small group.

What is a small group? A small group is a group of at least three people (and probably should be limited to a number where you don’t start saying your group is kind of getting big) that meets regularly (weekly, biweekly, and at least monthly) where you do Christian life deeply together. Small groups meet (1-3 hours) to grow closer to Christ. How does a small group do that? Below are five ways our small group has helped us grow closer to each other and God.

1. We pray with one another. In a small group, we talk about what’s happening in our lives and thank God for the good He is doing and going to do. Through prayer, we cheer each other on and remind each other of God’s amazing attributes.

2. We study God’s Word or a solid book that helps us better understand God’s Word. Studying God’s Word in a small group helps us see things we aren’t seeing. We need to surround ourselves with smarter and wiser people who can teach us a thing or two.

3. We serve one another. Life can be hard so when we need a reliable ride, a trustworthy babysitter, a warm meal, job suggestions, or a listening ear, being part of a small group can help. Good small groups consist of Christlike servants who often set aside their rights. 

4. We share our junk. Life can also be messy, and we need accountability. A small group is a place where we can confess our sins with people we trust. A good small group will consist of people who will love us well and display Christ to us.

5. We build friendships. We laugh and we cry. We encourage one another and point each other to the cross. Over time, God knits us together and builds strong relationships that bring Him glory. In a world filled with gossip and grudges, good small groups bring joy to the heart.

Although I often like being alone, I’m so thankful for my small group and all they do to help deepen my faith. How has a small group helped you grow closer to Christ? I would love to hear what you love about your small group and why others should join one!